From Takashi Nakamura, chief animation director on Akira, comes this visually compelling, existential retelling of the classic story of Pinocchio. In a remote corner of the planet Arcana, Palme, a sentient android crafted from a mystical wood that is said to absorb the memories of the civilizations it roots in, is awakened by Koram, a wounded warrior from the Sol tribe. Entrusting him with the mystical 'Egg of the Roof', she implores Palme to take it to the legendary realm of Tamas. Galvanized with purpose for his existence, he accepts Koram's quest to deliver the relic to its source: the center of the planet, which is threatened by a malevolent and destructive force.
Hannah's comments: The film was good. I definitely see it's the same team and director who made Akira. It's the same style and in a way the story. You'll see the film is a sci-fi. I even think this film had a more difficult story. Very hard to make connection between every scene. But you don't get totally lost...I definitely need to watch A Tree of Palme again. Really nice animation, sometimes even beautiful. Background music ok. The film was a bit too long for my taste, around 135min.

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