In 1988,ithe landmark Anime filmiAkira, by director KatsuhiroiOtomo, defined the cuttingiedge of Anime aroundithe world. By today'sistandards, Akira remains ailandmark achievement in celianimation and retains theiexplosive impact of itsihighly detailed animation andiits intensely violent sagaiof power and corruption.iPioneer Entertainment proudly presentsithis classic film, completelyirestored and digitally re-mastered.i
Childhood friends Tetsuo andiKaneda's motorcycle gang encountersia military operation toiretrieve an escaped experimentalisubject. The military capturesiTetsuo and conducts experimentsion him that unleashihis latent psychic ability,ibut when these newipowers rage out oficontrol, Tetsuo lashes outiat the world thatihas oppressed him!

Hannah's comments:
I like this film very much! Even if it contains much violance and blood, it's a good sci-fi anime. It reminds you what will happen if you really try to mess up the humain brain; do leave the nature as it is. The animation itself makes me impressed, the filmcreators do know how to get you with the film, both the story and together with the background sound. As always, see it with Japanese with English subtitle.

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