Take robotic dolls controlled by their owner's thoughts, place them in a holographic playing field and you have Angelic Layer, the runaway smash game that is taking Japan by storm! That's what Misaki finds as she arrives in Tokyo to start high school. Instead of being greeted at the train station by her aunt, she finds herself confronted by a bizarre man in a white coat who lures her into the addictive world of Angelic Layer, a world which will change her life forever, and lead her on a quest to discover the mysterious secret behind her mother's disappearance!

Hannah's comments:Very amusing anime. Cute. It is fascinating that they can come up to a sport story even about this. The imagination and story is very pleasent. Animation very good, the background music ok. Some sadness, which I did not expect at all. I thought this series would be a comedy and sci-fi one. A series definitely worth watching!

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