The main character, Kazama Shin, had been training to become a pilot of Yamato Aviation, with his friend, Kanzaki Satoru, who had been a friend since they had been in the orphan's house. Though he thought of Kanzaki as a best friend, but by Kanzaki's conspiracy he had been sent to the mercenary unit "Area 88" in Asran of the Middle East. Asran was rich in oil, but there had been a civil war. In Area 88, go-getter pilots gathered from all over the world and challenging hard missions every day. In order to escape from this Hell, he must complete the three-year duty, or pay the forfeit of 1,500,000 dollars. In order to go back to Japan where his fiancee was waiting for him, he couldn't help becoming a fighter pilot. By his outstanding aviation technique and strong desirer for living, he had become an ace pilot of Area88.

Hannah's comments: Did not impress me much. Quite good animation and music. Lack of story. The series could not be better if it were longer. No,no, no. There were the last episodes which made Area88 "so,so", and not "do not watch it".

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