Hannah's comments:The tv-series follow 7 students and three teachers in highschool during around 4 years. The students are:Chiyo - The ten years old girl,who is cute and polite and the smart one. Sakaki - Mid teenage.the "cool" one.Excellent on all kind of sports, without training so much,obsessed with anything cute, especially cats. Koyomi - mid teenage. Likes spicy food and sometimes a little patience for stupidity; Dieting. Ayumu "Osaka" - Comes from Osaka, that's why she's got the nickname Osaka. Mid teenage. Good at splitting chopsticks, daydreams; Total space cade. Tomo - Mid teenage. Competes in everything, energetic; On the way to being clinically insane. Kagura - Mid teenage. Likes to compete, especially against Sakaki. Very athletic and participating in a swimming club, a Tomboy. She went into the class the second year.
Kaorin - Likes Sakaki so much that she Idolizes Sakaki. Interested in astronomy. Yukari - One of the teachers. Mid twenties. Likes to drink beer and winning bets. Must always challange Minamo,"Nyamo",the other teacher; Clinically insane. Minamo "Nyamo" - Mid twenties. Likes parties and Orderly; Not backing down from a challenge. Mr Kamura - around 45-55 years old. Likes to watch highschool girls very much, maybe especially Kaorin. Lecherous; Perverted; Miserable; Charitable; Recycles.
This series is very funny , maybe not "direct" humour, but as I can tell, quite much typical Japanese sense of humour. A rich variation of the "theme" of each episode. 26 episodes, and in total around 9 hours. I was happily following their daily life and their "special" personalities. Warmly recommend this series.

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