It is the year 4999 - mankind has long abandoned war in favor of intergalactic competition through athletic events. One of which is an all-female contest for the coveted "Cosmo Beauty" title. Akari Kanzaki has just entered the University Satellite in hopes of becoming the latest Cosmic Beauty - a title held by her mother long ago. On her first few days in the university, she meets new friends, encounters fierce rivals, and struggles to become the best of all the Battle Athletes.

Hannah's comments: Quite an amusing animé. Itīs like heptathlon but in a different why. For instance, high jump: run downhill to a mark, then jump over the bar. When they dash 100m there isnīt any man or woman who shoot them away, all are done by computers. The most fun is the real competition, with the boys planet. It is fun that even the headmasters from each school, compete, but they want to be the headmaster of the Girls school. So the headmaster for the girl nowadays, has been that for a while. An interesting competition held in episode 3and 4. Of course some jealousy between the girls and rivality between them. The characters are also fun, especially Kris and Mylanda. And who could now such a thing about Anna? A fun series with sportstheme and sci-fi theme. The animation is what you can expect from late 90īs. You really have the feeling of beeing one of them who sit in a chair watching the the track and field arena, and see the girls run , jump and compete. The series continues in "Battle Athletes Victory".

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