An elite team of special agents faces off against an ancient and bizarre race of creatures whose millennia-long attempt to enslave humanity have given rise to man's ancient legends of shape-shifting monsters and demons! For over one thousand years, the forces of the Aragami have been held in check by a steady diet of human sacrifices, but now the bonds have been broken and its up to the elite agents of the TAC to take on mankind's oldest enemies, whose ability to impregnate, mutate, and control almost any living creature make them the most deadly of adversaries. To combat an enemy who can attack anywhere, anytime, without notice will require the most talented agents from around the world and every resource modern civilization can provide, from high-tech super-computers and chemical weapons to plain old bazookas. The most dangerous items in the TAC's arsenal, however, are the two special human weapons. Joining the agents in their battle are Momiji Fujimiya, a young Japanese teenager whose traumatic implantation with an unborn Aragami, a "blue seed", has left her with enhanced psychic abilities, and Mamoru Kusanagi, orange skinned, cat-eyed former servant of the Aragami who rebels against the will of his masters to use his super-human powers to protect Momiji!
Hannah's comments: Liked this series very much, even if the theme might not be so surprising; demons and evil things. Have seen many anime tv-series now, and at least I can feel/see some differences between anime made before year 1995, and after. The characters are shaped diffrently. Of course, this isn't any general meaning for animes after and before 1995, but still. This story is in a way like Neon Genesis Evangelion, a demon which can be shown in many shapes. However, it's not only a war between bad and good. For instance, it talkes much about the environment in the latest episodes... Background music is ok, but far away as the music in Neon Genesis. In Blue Seed you aren't so "in" with the music. Animation is best for all other things except the persons, but a crowd, it's good animated. Recommend the series warmly.

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