Hannah's comments: A good drama-romance film. What to say, Bobby´s girl is a bit cartooned in the old fashion way. The music is mostly in Rock´n roll theme, which is very suitable. Bobby´s girl is about a guy , who´s nickname is Bobby, He is fed up of the school, or bored if you say. Which doesn´t please his dad at all. Bobby has got a motorcycle and is very interested in those bikes, he reads magasines. Later on Bobby start working in a café called Bobby´s. One day Bobby got a letter from a girl, who has seen Booby in one of these motorcycle magasines. She is interested in him and wants to change letters , soon Bobby says that he want to talk to this girl over the phone instead, since he is quite bad of writing letters. After that, the girl writes to him that she will call the 10th of August, it is her birthday, and around 18 o´clock. Meanwhile, the owner of the Café, asks Bobby for a ride with him, to the countryside. There, Bobby will see that the man has got a serious motocross gang, which goal is to participate in competitions. The man also asks Bobby if he wants to join. Anyhow, the drawings are beautiful and soft, especially the way the shadows are cartooned, I liked very much. It is a bit like the animéfilm "Voices of a Distance Star" but here on Earth and more the living as it was during the 80´s. Definitely an animé I can recommend.

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