Oozora Tsubasa has always wanted one thing: to be the greatest soccer player in the world, and to play in the World Cup, which is held every 4 years. The story centers on his and his teammates/friends/enemies attempts to become the best team, and finally to determine the eleven talented players who would fill the vacancies in the Japanese National team for the World Cup.
Hannah's comments:
Liked this tv-series very much. The first time I watched a sportsanime.I choosed it because I wanted to see a sportsanime which wasn't so common sport (such as baseball,tennis). Animation good. I nearly all the time, had the feeling of watching the matches and trainings live. One thing I disliked, was that every one run with the same style. There are more about Tsubasa, but at least I have watched 52 episodes about him. I didn't know that becoming a professional player in Europe was so popular.

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