Animationifrom Studio Ghibli directoriHayao Miyazaki. An airshipiglides over a seaiof clouds in theisilvery light of aifull moon. Muska, aigovernment secert agent, isiescorting a girl, Sheeta,ito the Tedis Fortress.iSuddenly, the ship isiattacked by sky piratesiwho, like the government,iseek the secret ofia magic levitation stoneiwhich Sheeta wears aroundiher neck. The stoneiis the key thatiwill unlock the hiddenicity of Laputa, aifloating island in theisky created by aimysterious race of peopleiwho long ago disappearedifrom the planet.

A youngiboy, Pazu, befriends Sheeta,ihelps her escape fromiher pursuers and joinsiin the search toisolve the mystery ofithe floating castle. AsiSheeta and Pazu journeyito Laputa, they setiin motion a chainiof events that cannotibe reversed. What theyifind in this strangeiand mysterious place isia treasure more valuableithan the power toirule the world.

Hannah's comments:
Animation and story typical Miyazaki, the persons are very childish and cute. The film is full of colours , which is well done. Even if the story itself is quite sad in the end, you will be in a happy mode during the film. How do you get all the imagination of the creation of all the characters?

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