Ever wonder where your cat runs off to when you let them out? There is a place, a whole world that belongs only to the cats. A hidden world known as Banipal Witt where the sun changes people into cats and dogs into monsters. Travel there as two young children set off on a fanciful trip with a desperate group of feline engineers to save Banipal Witt from the evil sorceror cat Bubulina, whose very touch turns any living thing into a balloon! With this talent and the monster dog, Papdoll, Bubulina hopes to control all of Banipal Witt and only Toriyasu, Papdoll's former owner, has a chance of returning Papadoll back to normal. But can they rescue Papadoll and defeat Bubulina before the sun rises?
Hannah's comments: I disliked the animation of this film, it felt ugly in a way. Story itself very much alike "Cat Returns", but "Cat Returns" much ,much better, both as a story and the animation.

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