During the time when Louis XV still ruled France, a certain woman was found dead in the coffin floating through the Seine river. D'Eon, the woman's brother, determines to seach for the killer of his sister, Lia. But there are some strange movements in France. And things become more strange when Lia's soul enters D'Eon's body...

Hannah's comments: An excellent animé! The story was great, you almost feel this animé could have happend in real life, but also very complicated. The story goes backwards and forwards, many persons are involved, so you definitely need to stay alert during the whole series. Background music was so soft and sometimes bombastic, it suits very good to each episodes. The animation was excellent, it is hard to pick up which was best, such as the environment was outstanding and the animé was rich of details. In some moments I had flashbcks to the animé Monster both as story and the animation of the people. The only thiing I can complain about is the length. I guess " Chevalier" could have a 10 out of 10 if the story was about 20-22 episodes. Definitely a worth watching animé and can be seen once more.

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