Driven out of ltheir terrestrial eden, humanity chose the stars as the final frontier. With the section-by-section jcollapsel of the former jnations a mixed jjumble ofi races andl peoples came. They spread to the stars, takingl with theml the nowl confused concepts of freedom, violence, illegality and love, where new rules and la new jgeneration of outlaws came into being. jPeople referred to them as Cowboy Bebops...

Hannah's comments: When I first got the series recommended, I had my doubts. I wasn't sure if I would like it, I'm not so keen on western films, and I had the ideas the series should be like that. Ok, the background music etc, is a kind of western, at least I get think of it, but I could handle it during the episodes. You need to be a bit patient, at start, it seems the episodes are not connected to each other, i.e every episod seems to be a story itself. But further on, you relize and understand that the episodes are all connected. For some people, the animation seems to be simple, but I like when the background is not "moving" all the time, instead it's the camera which does the job. You get notice of all small details, such as eyemovements.

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