No anime is safe from the barrage of parodies and "subtle" jokes contained in this episode series. Excel, a female agent for ACROSS (a secret organization whose total membership is 2), deals with all manners of the insane. From Poke-demonic style aliens, superheroes sporting afros to one demented creator, Koshi Rikdo, tormenting the main character of his own anime. What's a girl to do but cause as much destruction and mayhem as possible? With a cast that should be institutionalized, and a heroine, who should have a straight jacket as her uniform, this show will make you laugh, make you cry, and definitely make you question your sanity.
Hannah's comments: I totally agree, this is a very weird and funny tv-series. Not so good animated. Background music ok. But the best thing with the series is that it makes fun of all "known" anime, for instance, Lum,Silent Mobius,Full metal panic,Tenchi Muyo. I don'tthink Excel SAga will be so fun, if you aren't familiar with anime, and already have seen quite many series and films. But if you have, Excel Saga is worth watching!

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