In the year 2041, mankind created their first space colony on the moon. But after a freak cataclysm devastated human civilisation on Earth, the republic of the moon built a domed megalopolis known as Eden. Now in the year 2267, a boy called Takeru spends his time engaging in hover-craft races against rival street gangs, unaware that he is about to embark in the journey of unearthing Eden's origin.

Hannah's comments: Racing in big tunnels on Eden. Cars reminds me about the racingcars that Star Wars have, in the first film. You get to knwo what the "Freedom " really is, but not until episode 6. The last episode is a doubleone, 48min long. The red ball-liked guardians, reminds me of both the rolling guardians the Empire had, but also about the animé Ghost in the Shell. Their faces, especially Takeru´s, reminds me about Tetsuo´s face in the animéfilm Akira. It´s fun to see that Takeru loves noodles so much, on the other hand, it seems to be a sort of standardfood at Eden. Animation is good to look at. Full of details but not too plotty. Colourful. You shall watch it with no questions, because there can plop up questions in your head like "Why don´t Takeru and Biz have spaceclothes on them to Earth, but later on, back to Eden?". Ao is a beautiful girl. Alan is tuff old man. Biz came along by a sort of accident. He is the "nerd" in this animé, can lots about technician things. A animé I highl recommend, if you don´t want to watch too long and deep spaceanimé such as animé Planets is.

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