On the surface, Kaname Chidori appears to be a normal, popular high school student. The problem is, she doesn't realize just how popular she is. Unbeknownst to her, a group of terrorists believe she possesses the special powers of "the Whispered," and they're out to kidnap her. Enter Sousuke Sagara, a young, hotshot agent from the stealthy anti-terrorist organization Mithril. Will he be able to protect Kaname without her finding out what's really going on? Or will he just drive her crazy as he tries to fit in as her awkward, gung-ho, war-crazed classmate?

Hannah's comments: Full of action and robots. Really like good animated robots, such in Evangelion, Nadesico and many other series. NOT the Transformer-series ! What can I say, I think the tv-series is very,very close to be so good as Neon Genesis Evangelion. the main characters reminds me once in a while of the characters of Evangelion. The only big thing, the robots are a little more clumsy done than in Evangelion. Otherwise, great; animation,background music, story.Felt a bit sad when the tv-series was finished.

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