Vol 1: Female cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi and her fellow police officers of Section 9 hunt down a host of criminals in both the real and online worlds. In the course of their work, Kusanagi and Section 9 must do everything from resolving hostage crises to hunting down runaway state-of-the-art killing machines.

Vol 2: Section 9 has their hands full with the reappearance of the laughing man, a cyber-terrorist who hasn't been heard from in six years. Aramaki believes that the police's prime suspect is a decoy; he orders his team to look into it. Major Motoko Kusanagi, meanwhile, in response to the Laughing Man's latest threat, is guarding the Police Superintendent-General at a press conference. This will mark the beginning of Section 9's ongoing encounters with the laughing man. In the meantime, they will also have to capture a foreign revolutionary and put a stop to what looks like an organ smuggling ring. The Major and Section 9 are determined to bring these criminals to justice!

Vol 3: Convinced that the cyber-terrorist known only as "the Laughing Man" has resurfaced, Section 9 accelerates their inquiry to include eavesdropping on a chat room whose participants are not who they seem to be. They are also found investigating a facility for the treatment of children with "cyberbrain closed shell syndrome" - a malady which renders the victim unable to cope with the cybernetic interface in their artificial brains. In the meantime, Kusanagi's right-hand man, Batou, must confront a serial killer with connections to his own dark past.

Vol 4: A band of terrorists claims to have possession of a girl who was kidnapped some years ago, but when the Major and company are called in to resolve the situation, they realize that something is very wrongŃthe girl appears to be the same age she was when she was kidnapped! Things get even tougher as the team is assigned to guard a very wealthy and reclusive businessman who is a target for assassination by an international crime syndicate. As machines learn to evolve and human emotions cloud judgment, Section 9 will come face to face with a brave new digital world.

Vol 5: The theme of this volume is "Crime is Everywhere," as the officers of Section 9 are taken on a series of cases around the world. Section 9 chief Aramaki Daisuke is taken hostage by thieves and a corrupt police officer in London. His unit is later commissioned to prevent the assassination of the Chinese Foreign Minister. Subsequently, a wave of mass kidnappings puts Section 9 opposite an operative as powerful as Major Motoko.

Vol 6: Togusa finds himself in the hospital after being shot, but is desperate to impart what heŐs learned to the rest of the group. It seems other clandestine groups have become aware of Section 9Ős investigations and are determined to make their move against them. Major Kusanagi seeks to repair her prosthetic body after incurring severe damage in a battle against the governmentŐs latest prototype weapon. When she discovers that someone is out to get her, Aramaki learns that this conspiracy goes deeper than even he expected. Meanwhile, the cyber-terrorist known as "The Laughing Man" re-emerges and abducts the president of Serano Genomics just as heŐd done six years earlier. Is history about to repeat itself?

Vol 7: Section 9Ős investigations have started to become a little too successful, and the truths they uncover hit too close to home for some of the higher-ranking officials in the Japanese government. Yet, despite the increasing political backlash the team soldiers on. But even they couldnŐt imagine that their own government would turn against them. The government has declared war on them, and they begin with an attack on Section 9 headquarters! But even with the latest in technology, will the military be a match for Motoko, Batou, and the rest of the team? And will the truth behind the Laughing Man incident ever be revealed to an unsuspecting world?

Hannah's comments: First comments on the 26 episodes of the series. To be more exact, this is the 1st GIG of the Ghost in the Shell-Stand Alone Complex. But a little warning, to those who expected the series would be as the two films, it isn't. The series is so different from the films! I'm reading the manga , first volume, and it seems the series follow the manga much much better than the films. How do you say, the two films rush through the story from the two manga books ( I haven't read the second manga, but I can imagine) but the series follow the manga(s) much deeper. I think it's good if you read the manga(s), either in the same time you watch the series, or before or even after, you definitely understand more the series and the manga(s), they complement each other. The G.t.S suits very good as a series. The series isn't so violant, not at all as the manga(s). Even if the series contains much of cyber-stuff-realated things, it is amusing to watch. It's only sometimes I've got the feeling of playing tv-games/computer-game, instead of watching an anime. But it's ok, I have seen worse. I really dislike the feeling of participating in a tv-game/computer-game.

Hannah's comments: The 2nd G.i.G series (which contains the last 26 episodes of the full 52 episode series), is actually even more complicated than the 1st G.i.G. In the 1st one, you can follow that the series is about "the Laughing man", but in the 2nd G.i.G it's very hard to figure out what the history is. anyhow, roughly,something about refugees and many political things. The good things with this story is that there are so called BIOSs, which give you more information about the android world and the human world, (not anime), and bring up some unanswered questions, about "anything, related to thoughts and living . The animation is good, I didn't feel it was so much of watching a tv-/computergame this time, or was getting used to it . Very strange ending. In away, quite abrupt. maybe the writers think of a future?? Well, I recommend you to watch all the 52 episodes, even if it's ok to watch either the first 26, or the last 26. I think you can watch the 2ndG.i.G without watching the 1st.

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