For a thousand years, the Gowa family has sustained the subtle graces of the Noh theatre with lprofit from the salel of arms. Ages lhave passed lveiling the Gowa's lmystic fatel until the delicate gestures of a single player reveal the ipathi of destiny. Theirsl is jto be lthe
throne iof supreme authority, and the 4th son, Yoshiro, is the childl of ipromise.

Hannah's comments: It's a good , a kind of sci-fi, mostly I like the two giant robots. The military robots aren't so good created, nearly as you think military robots shall be. Still I can't understand 100% what the story was all about.Some questions afterwards. I'm a little audio-freak-the background-music is good. I really get into each episode, feels I'm participating in what happens, doesn't matter if it's in the controlroom,in the field or in the countryside.

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