The Shizuma Drive has launched humanity into a golden age of prosperity. In the shadows, Big Fire, a secret brotherhood, adopts one goal: directing the world towards chaos! The Experts of Justice, a team of operatives, aim to stop this disaster. The key to saving the world is their brave new member, a boy named Daisaku Kusama, and the machine he commands...Daisaku and Giant Robo must overcome Von Volger's most maniacal creation, the Eye of Volger and the explosive Big Balloon! When Daisaku is trapped aboard the burning Greta Garbo, it's up to Gin Rei and Tetsugyu to rescue him. But a deadly adversary is lying in wait for Tetsugyu, and he won't give up until he has his vengeance! Isn't there anyone who can stop the Sphere of Vogler? After their last encounter, the remaining Experts of Justice prepare for one final rush against Genya and the massive anti-Shizuma machine. Meanwhile, infighting among the enemy comes to a head with the appearance of Big Fire himself, along with his three mystic guardians. With the help of Murasame the Immortal and the memories of all those lost along the way, the Experts bet life as they know it on Giant Robo and Daisaku. With the last of their strength, they bring an end to the seven days that no one will ever forget!

Hannah's comments:
Finally I got to see the third DVD in this superb anime! I almost waited two long months; the american company which publish Giant Robo, was extremly lazy...One of the best anime so far. It definitely compete with Neon Genesis Evangelion, even if the animation is so different between them. Very,very nice background music, and short moments of instant bombastic music. This is a series you NEED high quality hifi-kit! For sure the music fits the series. Story touches me deeply, especially the episodes 3-5. Characters made good, but some of them are hard to separate from each other, e.g, there is a good character and an evil one , who are very similar drawn, you have to think "who is the bad, who is the good?". If there is a thing to complain about, is the ending. I have recently watched the "Ginrei Special". I was quite disappointed on this DVD. I don't understand if it shall continue where the original Giant Robo ends, or not. I felt the 3 episodes on this "Ginrei Special" were totally released from the series, and they were also separated from each other. Well, the animation and music still good as the series. My suggestion, don't spend any money on "Ginrei Special", then you still can feel Giant Robo is a excellent mecha-anime.

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