In the year 2005, a computer virus called "Pluto Kiss" destroys the networks of computers all around the world, subjecting the cyberspace to severe restrictions. Two years later, as free access to the networks recovers, people are now crazed over a full-immersion virtual gaming environment called "The World." However, when reality and virtual reality collide, a whole new adventure unfolds as a mysterious accident leaves Wave Master Tsukasa permanently logged in. Now a group of ciphers must figure out the truth behind Tsukasa while a rash of mysterious game-related incidents in the real world begins to draw the attention of even the most powerful players within the game.
Hannah's comments: It takes a while to get into the story,and don't think so much of what is meant by "outside" and "reality". You get you get used to that soon. Animation itself is very good, and there are many cute animals. All characters' voices are good, fits them all. Even if the series supposed to be sci-fi, it doesn't always feel like that. Quite hard to understand the end of the story, if it all went ok in the end (happy ending), or if the good result, only was temporarly. Didn't fully understand why Tsukasa was so haunted and wanted. Good anime, but tricky, I had some "strange" questions afterwards. Ok background, quite awful previews and endings of each episode. Many other series are much much better on previews/endings. You will enjoy the series if you know quite much of data-terms etc. It's hard anyway to follow sometimes.

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