Haré was a happy boy living out his days in the jungle with his mother, but then one day Guu showed up and became a member of their household. Throughout the series he faces many hardships as he tries to keep Guu out of trouble in the jungle.

Hannah's comments:This is the first season of Haré + Guu.(Some spell it with l, some with r, it´s the pronouncing ca be misleading), but I will name Haré as Haré. At first hand, the animé seems to be a real comedy, but slowly there are some other deeper things/thoughts. When I started to watch this animé, I first thought that this villiage with its people lived in the stoneage. But that would be rather fun, since they have built real houses, and they have things that we have today, like tv, tv-games etc. It´s quite hard to describe Haré+Guu, best to describe it, is to describe some of the characters and that the animé is crazy, a kind of the animé like "Excel Saga", which also made (maximum) fun of other animés. The more Haré + Guu continues, the more each episode are connected to each other. Some of the characters looks like they are just "cut and pasted" into the animé, but mostly I really like their faceexpressions and especially Guu´s movements. Yuuuhoooo. I do recommend this animé, It is fun to watch, which also has later seasons.

Description of the most common persons in Haré + Guu:

Haré : An 11 years old boy, most normal of them all, with a great heart and sometimes thinks as an adult. Close friend to Marie. Wants to know who his father is. Will be more and more friend with Guu and like her better and better, even if it at first glance seems to be the opposite. Doesn´t like the doctor, Dr Clive at all, mostly because of the Clive´s habits of reading pornmagazines, and that he tries to seduce Weda.

Guu: Looks like a human, but definitely isn´t one. Can transform her body (inside and outside) to a small Guu or a giant Guu and so on. Have powers to even control the weather. When I see her transformations, I think of Barbapapa. The most funny character. Can be so sarcastic and since she has got problems to show emotions, especially to laugh, but also every kinds of emotions that is quite typical for the human beeing, i.e feel sorry for another person when he/she is crying. Hard to desribe her but excellent done and together with her special voice.

Weda: Harés mother, sometimes acts as a teenager. Likes to party and drink all kinds of alcoholstuff - too much. She has secrets from her past that will be shown in the middle of the animé-series.

Dr Clive: Reads pornmagazines, likes Haré´s mother, Weda very much. He doesn´t know the relationship between Haré and him in the beginning, but soon it will brought up.

Marie: Loves Haré, hasn´t got any parents. Her dream is to have a family which contains the Doctor (as her father), Weda (as her mother) and two pets. Always care about people, sometimes too much.

The Elder: Grandpa to Toposte and the village headmaster. Likes pokutes very much and hunting. A very manly man, at first glance. Has a great respect for Guu.

Lazy: The teacher at school. But doesn´t really teach much. Always wants to sleep and yawns.

Pokute: A small liiving thingy, in all different colours, shown or talked about, in nearly every episode.

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