From Gainax (EVANGELION), with production by Toshimichi Otsuki (EVANGELION, SLAYERS, NADESICO), chief direction and story by Hideaki Anno (EVANGELION), and character design by Tadashi Hiramatsu (EVANGELION) comes a high-tension story of the heartrending rivalries of a first love.Like a drug, Yukino Miyazawa was addicted to admiration and praise from those around her. She worked hard to become the perfect student, the perfect girl. But that was before... him. Souichirou Arima. The instant she met him, she hated him. Without even trying, he snatched the very glory from her hands by easily acing the high school entrance exam that should have made her the class representative. To take back what is rightfully hers, Yukino is putting all her efforts into plotting her revenge; but was love part of the plan?

Hannah's comments: I was curious and not about this tv-series. Usually I dislike romantic films/series. But have I seen many action/sci-fi series lately, so heyy, I give it a chance! which was said it contained much love and comedy. Sometimes deep,deep emotions, bad and good. I liked how they show the watcher=me, what they feel, and why. After watching the series, I can tell, yes there is much of love-sences, emotion, drama,riviality,,sadness, feelings ; EVERYTHING invloved during teenage! When you are in love; how teenager can think about schoolwork,boy/girls ,how will mum and dad react, how the stundents reacts in a certain way - because they had grown up with this kind of feelings.I didn't see so much of instant humour. More humour which lays back and "popps upp sometime! Liked the animation very much. THAT was really funny, many,many times. When the people doing faces, or has got face expression.. Background music as it should be, bellring, laughing, raining, and you nearly can here if a person is in a good mode or not. Conclusion, very good anime, but strange,strange,STRANGE! They talk very much about feelings. This series contains nearly zero of violation. If violation,exists , it's in a funny way. I don't recommend the tv-series if "emotions-crap" make you through up. But if you are a person who want some nostalgia from school, this is a series for you. Even to you who has got a boy/girlfriend, during some scenes, you suddenly has got a warm feeling for just your boy/girlfriend. Not bad at all.

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