An epic tale of a young pilotís first faltering steps into space - set in an alien world strangely familiar to our own. Shirotsugh (Shiro) Lhadatt aspires to be a pilot, but his low academic grades land him in the Royal Space Force - a career dead-end. One night, he meets a beautiful woman distributing religious pamphlets and finds himself drawn to her energy and enthusiasm. This young woman, Riquinni, has a profound influence on Shiro, giving him a new sense of faith and fostering his desire to become the first true astronaut in the Royal Space Force. As their relationship develops, Shiro transforms from a down-and-out underachiever to a champion against government corruption and ultimately, a reluctant national hero.
Hannah's comments: Quite different animated as you might are used to, concerning anime. The persons are very good animated, not so much "big eyes, small noses, sweet girls". It's a kind of sadness behind the whole story.

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