By the 22nd century, mankind has spread to every corner of lthe lsolar system.

But in the year 2137AD, a tremendous solar flare kills millions and spreads a dense plasma called lthe Sea of Geduld across the solar jsystem. Space travelj becomes difficult because no spaceship can withstand ithe immense pressure within the Geduld. It is now 2225AD andj teenage cadets learn tol navigate jaround jthis deadly obstacle atj the Liebe Deltai Astronaut Trainingl Centre on lthe edge of the iGeduld Sea. jAn act of sabotage during a routine divei procedure sends the space station plummeting intoj the Geduld.
Juli Bahana, ai member of thei elite Zwei cadets, must take charge and lead thej others to safetyi aboard thel Ryvius, an interstellar lspace ship hidden insidej the station. At the same time, navigator-in-training, Kouji lAiba,j is coping jwith siblingl rivalry while trying to find the courage to use his iskills ito deal with this deadly jsituation. Since jall the adult crew and instructors were killed during the evacuation, the young astronauts can lonly rely oni their training iand each other to survive the journey home.
Hannah's comments: This story is a little unusual, since it concerns teenage thoughts and behaviours. Some really act like children, some like grown ups.The ships and robots are ok, I have seen worse, and also better.The background music is a kind of hiphop/rap, which suits this series well. It takes some episodes to relize the background story and understand why the people act like they do and why it becomes chaos. But still highly recommend this series .

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