Four musicians from another galaxy are kidnapped by an evil manager to ultimately become the biggest band on earth.

Hannah's comments: I hadn't listened to Daft Punk before this animéfilm. If you like electro combined with "odd"-pop music, then this animé is great to you as well. The music is so good, that you sometimes have hard to follow the story. It surprised me that there is no talking at all, just music, but it seems to go well for this animé. I didn't notice it in first hand, but the arrowliked ship is also like a big guitar. The blueskin figures reminds me of the comic strip Yoko Tsuno - The Trio of the Bizarre by the Belgian writer Roger Leloup. Well then, the animation of the Interstella 5555 is great, so full of life in every scene and it's hard to pick up the best things. I think one is when the ship travels into a sort of mirror in the galaxy, from where to musicians came from, and also backwards. The other part is when they show how the evil manager transform the blue musicians to more earthlings. That is sci-fi on high level. It is a sad story with a quite happy ending.

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