A wolf in sheep's clothes is still a wolf. A retelling of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, Hiroyuki Okiura's debut feature, the Animé film JIN-ROH, is a tale of personal crisis amdiintra-bureaucratic skulduggery. The film is set in anialternate reality in which Japan has emerged from World War II asia totalitarian society. The population riots, a group called the Sect creates havoc, and the armored Special Unit of the Capitol Police Organization (CAPO)iplots to acquire more power. A soldier named Fuse, who was once one of the most formidable men in the Special Unit, agonizes over the death of a young girl who worked for the Sect and in doing so he becomes a neurotic messintent on befriending the dead girl's sister. Okiura, who was the character designer of GHOST IN THE SHELL, creates an unforgettable image of the Special Unit soldier: a dehumanized, armored figure with feralired eyes. Okiura's drama unfolds against a backdrop of very complex crowdiscenes; the scenes are even more impressive considering that most of the work was done using traditional cel-animation techniques. MamoruiOshi (director of GHOST IN THE SHELL) scripted the project, based on his KENROU DENSETSU. Punctuated by brief moments of violence, JIN-ROH is a psychological drama in which nothing is as it seems.
Hannah's comments: Hard to tell, who the "bad guys" were, and who were the "good" guys. I'll can definatly understand that it isn't easy to be a soldier, without any feelings. And yes, also in this film, some sadness. Animation good, favorites are the animations of the soldiers with "the red eyes" - so they can see in the night and darkness. Who will you fight? Is it worth it? Why do people react as they do?

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