Destination is a state of mind. Travelers not only find themselves in a variety of locations and geographic phenomena, but they also bare witness to the whims of culture and the skewed effects of subtle circumstance. Kino is such a traveler. Sitting astride Hermes, the ultimate internal combustion companion, Kino searches for life's answers, life's questions, and the myriad of interpretations connected to them. A wielder of cutlery, firepower and a piercing tongue, Kino is ready to embark on a journey unlike any other!

Hannah's comments:I was actually quite disappointed on this series. I thought it would be much better, since so many animefans give it huge promises. Maybe I expected too much. Or wasn't prepared what it was all about. I'll guess I think it's a little bit too odd fantasy, in the combination of some sort of a history. The background music isn't much to talk about. Neither the animation. Animation is quite angular, not so smooth done. I haven't much to say about this series, other than , I recommend other series before this one.

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