Based on a series of light novels, Kure-nai is about the adventures and misadventures of 16-year-old Kurenai Shinkurou. Shinkurou is an authority in settling disputes between people, and finds his life turned upside down one day when he is assigned as a bodyguard for Kuhouin Murasaki, the daughter of a powerful plutocratic family.

Hannah's comments: A sad story, but great. It is sad that such old fashion things still exists. Women borned into the family will be raised just as surrogatemothers. The story is quite slow but you still got the feeling that something still happens. At first glance, you wouldn´t expect Shinkurou is a bodyguard. After some episodes you also got to know why he has taken the job as a bodyguard. Also at first glance, young Murasaki is a spoiled girl, but slowly she acts more "right" to other people. I wonder what he would have done without his classmates Murakami, who is a computerfreak and Hozuki who´s place Shinkurou is raised and trained the martial arts. The animation is good, even though not so real. Much violance, but I´ve got the feeling it had to be like that and, without gunshoots, only martial arts in all kinds of techniques. I recommend this series very much and I wish it was some more episodes of Kurenai.

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