Claus and Lavie are a young heroic air pilot duo, whose assignment to make a special human delivery fails. Before they know it, they become entangled in an aerial adventure between two countries gripped in an eternal war of magnificent air battleships, noble generals, and a mysterious war-mediating Guild.
Hannah's comments: Very good anime, even if it doesn't happen so much in the first episodes, you shouldn't give up to follow to the end if the tv-series. Good combination of "fifteen-hundred-century"-clothing and living, for the earthings,with sci-fi.For the people of more "sci-fi"-character the clothing is very hyped,their clothing could fit in an extreme,new fashionshow. Like the spacebattles and the animation of the storms. Sometimes you can see the animation is computerized, but not so much as it bothers you. The story itself is quite tricky to understand, you know there is afight, but what is Exile? How come that "Al" is so important? Still after the whle series, it's hard to understand what her really was. As I said before, most of the answers come in the last episodes.Background sound/music is good, but I miss sometimes "battle/war"-music. You also see that this tv-series is created "nowadays", year 2003, and the last three episodes were released in US recently.

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