In the sixth and final movie installment from Rumiko Takahashi, Lupica, yet another whacked out alien space princess, finds her way to Earth. She needs the possessor of the greatest lust in the universe in order to concoct a love potion that will entice her true sweetheart to propose to her. That most lustful creature happens to be Ataru, and you can bet Lum won't take his abduction by Lupica lying down. Aided by her friends Oyuki and Benten, she gives chase... and chaos and mayhem are sure to follow!

Hannah's comments: This film is not following the series or the films, it's only a film with all the known characters. In a way, I hope there will be no more films, the films should end when they are on the top, so to say. If it continues, I think there will be lack of stories, and boring.

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