Lupin III is the greatest phantom thief in the world. He never misses whatever chance he aims at. Nothing can escape from his clutches... the rarest diamond, the darkest secret, nor the truest heart. He is light - footed, gracefully snobbish, and always free. Two able comrades, Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Lishikawa, one girlfriend Fujiko Mine, one rival inspector, Zenigate are the precious assets for him. Here's to Lupin in his epicurean nights and days!
Hannah's comments:
What to say. You definitely see this is a anime from 70t's.But so? It's funny and it really feels like a game, or a play as you might did when you were younger; "cops and thieves". Simple animation, but good in a way. A little James Bond over it. I like the whole concept - take life as what it is. Also I like the charcters personality very much. Too sad, that Lupin hasn't got the same voice all through the tv-series and the films. NOTE! I have seen the whole series, but I havenīt yet reviewed it here. It will come.

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