Zenigata arrives on the ship "Machine Gun Kelly", a casino on the water owned by the mafia, because Lupin plans on stealing the casino's money. Lupin and his gang manages to break into the ship's vault but was unable to escape with the money due to Zenigata's shooting. However, there was another purpose the ship had, one that Lupin was aware of; to search for a sunken ship filled with gold. Lupin managed to steal this data while he was on the ship, however, now they have to contend with Zenigata, the mafia, and a secret organization whose base is under Alcatraz, as they attempt to uncover the secret behind the organization and the sunken treasure.

Hannah's comments: This Lupin-film also tells you why JFK was killed, of course not tru in the real life, but it is a fun idea (if you can say that about a murder). I had to see some sequences two times, since this Lupin was a bit hard to follow. Good animation espcially the underground of Alcatraz and when it was destroyed.

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