Harimao's treasure. It's worth over 8 billion dollars, and it seems like everyone is looking for it! But nothing's going to keep Lupin from the treasure this time! With his faithful companions Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko - Lupin travels the globe, dodging bullets and Inspector Zenigata, to find the three statues that make up the key to the treasure! But soon enough, a greater threat emerges - The Neo-Himmel! And Lupin must join forces with his chief adversary, aging Secret Agent Sir Archer. Along with Archer's beautiful granddaughter, these unlikely partners set forth on an adventure that is dangerous, funny, and filled with surprises!
Hannah's comments:
Not so much to tell, this film is not directed by Miayzaki, but still very pleasant to watch. Action,fun and misunderstandings. I think I shall change my mind about Lupin, I don't think I feel those films are so old, as I first thought.

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