Hannah's comments: Lupin had a deal which started seven days before the commitment with Michelle. Michelle wants him to help her. To steal a giant diamant her father has. But what she doesnīt know, is that his company makes fake diamonds, and wants the real giant diamond known as presidentīs diamond. When the time has come, the father switch the presidentīs to his fake one. But the fatherīs diamont isnīt anything to play with. It is called NDW; Nitro Diamond Weapon. When you hit this diamond, it will explode. That is the main story. Michelle wants Lupin to find her father and stop him to switch and own the real. Why seven days? Becuase they have got only seven days to make it, afterwards another work waits for Lupin. In the middle of all this, Jigen has switched to the dark side. Or? Fujiko is the same. Beautiful but loves all things to make her rich. The animation is good, smoother lines, sometimes it feels nicer and not so hard. Nice actionmovements and it doesnīt feel like you are playing a game. One thing is sad, that the man who played the voice of Lupin, died around 1995. But the new Lupin, does the voice really good! Still, think the tv-series is the best!

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