After twenty years, Detective Zenigata has been taken off the Lupin case! With a new assignment and an aching heart, he seeks friendship in the one man he could never catch - the indomitable Lupin the Third! When Lupin finds out about Zenigata's new assignment to take down a weapons smuggling organization, he sees his opportunity to steal some extra income! And when these two enemies team up - along with Fujiko, Goemon, and Jigen - the ride is unbeatable! But lurking in the shadows is the new head of the Lupin Task Force. His name is Keith. He's an ex-mercenary, and the ICPO put him on the case for one reason and one reason only? To find Lupin and his friends and exterminate them. From nukes to submarines, from Maui to Russia to Arizona, Voyage to Danger covers the map on adventure! Only this time, the cop is in with the criminals. Or is it the other way around?
Hannah's comments: This Lupin the 3rd film is a bit too new. They totally miss the idea of his 70t's look and behaviour. AND he is still a thief, but this is the worse of all Lupin films; you notice this only a few minutes, the rest of the film, it seems that he is a hero. The good thing, the voices, still the same as the first tv-series etc. If it wasn't for the voices the background music, I might have totally cut it off. Animation is ok, but as I said before, they miss the "old fashion"-feeling, which I think is a big part of the whole Lupin series and films!

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