Hannah's comments: It's a love story which concerns everyone at the apartment-hotel and a coach Mitaka, teaching tennis. Yusaku-san fell in love just in the momenty he saw Kyoko-san. Kyoko is the manager of the apartment-hotel,and is called Kanrinin-san. Then there are also Ichinose-san, the mother of Kentaru. Her husband are nearly shown in the story. The two other members of the apartment hotel are Akemi and Yotsuya. There are very often parties at the residents, Ichinose,Akemi and Yotsuya alwas seem to have something to celebrate or cheer-up parties. There is also a dog, Soichiro-san.Those lovestorys and loveproblems are during a period of around 5 years. There are many awkward situations and misunderstandings. Some other persons are involved, who you can think of as love interests to especially Kyoko,Mitaka and Yusaku. I felt sometimes it was too embarrassing with all misunderstandings and that especially Yusaku was so slow when he tried to explain things. First 40 episodes quite funny, you get to know the characters. Next 30 there were too messy and complexed situations. Last 26 episodes, the story went better again, and romantic. Now, that I have seen the whole anime, well...fun with an anime which tells persons daily life during so many years. It's a kind of "Dallas"-love intrigue; in a nice way.I disliked that the subtitles were so bad done, in this release, only approx. one third of the whole series was explained. Maybe another release is better. If you are a real,real romatic-fan, you definitely shall see this series, but otherwise, pick something else. I'm glad I have seen it, but no more, sometimes I really was fed up of all awkwardness.

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