Miki just wants to have a normal family. Unfortunately, she's stuck with parents who thought life would be better if they divorced, swapped partners with another family, then remarried and all moved in together! Now Miki has four crazy parents! At least she can escape from the madness at school... or can she? Just when she thinks she's safe, Miki's new stepbrother, Yuu, transfers to her high school, and with his dashing good looks he quickly captures the hearts of all the girls. Plus, Miki's realizing she's sweet on him... will the madness ever end?
Hannah's comments:
It's a little like Fushigi Yugi, but with no fantasy concept. Not one of my favorites, but since I want to see the whole series of a anime, I can tell also for this one, I have to see the rest someday to completely give my opinion of the anime.

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