Life on Mars is hard for those who live here. As the economy worsens, work becomes scarce and food becomes expensive and highly prized. Gram and his friends try to do the best they can but, he finds himself on the run with the most notorious pirates on Mars. The only problem is he soon starts to enjoy the adventure.

Hannah's comments: One mecha-series I didnīt like much. In one second the story is how to handle an RB under water, fight against Earth soldier, in the other second they suddenly discovered a map, which according to a legend, leads to Godīs golden treasure. How RBs (giant fighting robots) can be controlled itīs a mystery in the reality and why nearly all the daily life on Mars is taking place under water and sometimes above. How come Earthlings come to Mars? Why does Enora, suddenly become so familiar with her kidnappers on the underwatership Aurora? how about Kubernuss, I donīt get it why he was a part in the game at all. Where did he come from? As the series continue, it looked like he wanted the gold as well. Haha, the big entrancedoor to the treasure, looked like the Phantomīs deadīs-head. So many things were weird. It is the first time for me to discover that the English translation of an animé is so bad as in this one. The series was far way too long, cut it to half, that is enough! Over all, a series "pain in the a..", not so much was good, fun or exciting about it, only a few things were fun, like a talking dolphin in a space-suit and a talking cat. Not even the RBs were made good. Animation was boring and the end was really odd, it nearly made a big questionmark in my head. Take another mecha/sci-fi, drama series than this one.

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