College student Tadayasu Sawaki has a unique ability. He can see and communicate with bacteria and other microorganisms. Hijinks ensue. Sawaki Souemon Tadayasu is a freshmen in Tokyo agriculture university. He has a unique ability that worth the value of a 1 million yen electron microscope: to see microorganism with naked eyes. Together with his childhood friend, Kei, he begins a new and carefree life as a student.

Hannah's comments: I liked this series very much. An odd theme and you will learn some words for different bakteria and some deaseases causd by the microorganism. Also small historical reviews, why the human beeing has been cooking food in this way or that way. For instance, episode nine deals with the Baltic herring, the traditional fish to eat in August and called "strömming" in Swedish. They refer this Swedish food with the Japanese Nattou.

But the main theme through the series is how to do saké and other types of alcohol you drink. At first sight, Kawahama and Misato seem to be odd and bad men, but as the series continue, they are very friendly. Kei is one person who doesn´t know what to do, continue with the universitystudies or take over the familybrewery. In episode 10 you will know the "missing" part of Kei and why. School festival was really really fun, like a big game called "catch the flag" (don´t know the English name for it). But it´s like two teams. The first team (the students) shall beat the bad boys in black and beat the big guy in the entrance. The bad boys shall look after so that shouldn´t happen and catch the students as well. Anyway, fun,fun. The professor Itsuki is a cool man, I wonder if he supposed to look like a seal in the face? Well, I at least come to think of a seal.

The series is, as I said very funny. The animation is great, some parts of Moyashimon make me think of Genshiken. And even if they show dangerous bacteria, all of them are so cute especially in the prologue and epilogue and I love the way they speak, Good fantasy there!! Too sad that the series was so short, just 11 episodes long. The ending has got the Japanese touch of how to think of your life - think what you really want to do and don´t let anyone else decide that for you. An animé you definitelty shall watch if you can.

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