Fuka Gakuen is a combined school with classes from primary through to senior high. In Fuka Gakuen, there is a rumor that a mysterious monster had once appeared, and that the only counter-measures against the monster were girls called "HiME", who possessed the abilities of HiME (Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment). Mai is a transfer student unaware of this rumor. However, she is suddenly told that she possesses the power of a HiME. After facing a few problems, she learns to live her life as a HiM

Hannah's comments: I liked this anime. Music quite impressive. Yeah ;-D. Story, a bit odd, and how they can fight with the circles and stuff...well...I leave it to your imagination. Sometimes hard to follow. my suggestion is that you do not ask yourself too much "why". Animation, well, mostly good, but not more. Funniest character is Mikoto Minagi. Over all, I think all pieces makes this series good, and much worthy to watch.

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