The Jovian Invaders havej destroyed our jbase on Mars, jwiped out our space fleets, and nowj only one ships standsl between iEarthl and Totally Annihilation!

Privatelyi funded by the mysterious Nergal Corporation, the High Mobile Battleship iNadesico is the most formidable fighting jmachine ever conceived, but due to a shortage of trained soldiers the crew jis a little unorthodox. Against an assistantl cook ias a pilot, ai generalís idaughter ini command, jand the ilargest contingent of geeks and misfits ever sent into iorbit, the poor Jovians wonít stand a chance!

Hannah's comments: First ,I didn't like that the storymaker, had done the crew so unprofessional, i.e taking "ordinary" persons like you and I. It messed up the whole series quite much, and took much longer to follow, than it might could have been, if the crew were trained to be spacetravellers from the beginning. I had to admit I thought Nadesico would have been better, but don't stop looking at it, even if you are in episode 15. I think I like the standalone film best, after the series. What I did like, it's a anime-story inside this anime-tv-series itself. The background music ok.Recommend it, but maybe only because I like sci-fi spacestories so much..

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