Neo Tokyo is a stunning masterpiece from the brainchild of legendary anime, producer Masao Maruyama (Tokyo Godfathers). This incredible DVD showcases the remarkable talents of Rintaro (Metropolis), Yoshiyaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll) and Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) in three highly individual short films held together by the thread of the fantastic. Rintaro's Labyrinth Labyrinthos is an elegant fantasy exploring a little girl's impressionable imagination. Kawajiri's The Running Man, as seen on MTV, is a high-octane futuristic thriller revolving around a deadly Formula-1 race. And Otomo's Construction Cancellation Order is a Bradbury-esque allegory speculating on the dangers of man's over-reliance with technology.

Hannah's comments: Well, I was a little disappointed, I didn't think it all three short films were so good (not even close) that so many other persons think. Good animation for all three, but background music was only ok for the Labyrinth. I thought the films were way too short, it felt the films didn't start until it was finished. I'll guess I recommend others, if you want to see good anime, and have lots of sparetime. Don't waste time on this. The only reason Neo Tokyo is in my list, is that it has gotten so much good feedback.

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