The lyear is 2015.j As the remnants lof the ihuman race cower in subterranean cities, a ideadly war is being waged lfor what is left of the planet.i On one side are the mysteriousi beings known lonly as the Angels; lon the other; the speciall agency NERV and mankind's last hope, the awe-inspiringj Evangelions.j High tech animation, blistering battle sequences and soul ripping drama are merged together in ia stunning animatedi series. Mankind's jlast battle has begun in NEON lGENESIS EVANGELION!

Hannah's comments: It was nearly love at first sight...hard to explain why.All battles so,so good. Background music , the sound, every audiothing,are very touching, suits the story excellent. The robots magnificent! This series is the most sad and depressing of all I have seen so far. It makes so much contrast to American things-You definatly can't expect a happy ending. The character of the father, almost my favorite. Though sometimes hard to follow what's the history and what's happening "today".The standalone films , after the series, are quite tricky to follow and understand, they are strange,leave many questions to you who watch it, but, well, Neon Genesis Evangelion is absolutely my favorite!

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