The beautiful and renowned assassin Mireille Bouquet receives a mysterious e-mail beckoning her to "make a pilgrimage to the past, with me." Intrigued by the cryptic message, and the hauntingly familiar music box melody attached to it, Mireille travels to Japan to meet the source of the email: one Kirika Yuumura. A quiet young girl, Kirika is also well-versed in the killing arts, but she struggles to come to terms with her own morality through a past clouded by amnesia. In an effort to uncover Kirika's memories, as well as her mysterious links to Mireille own troubled past, these two young women form an uneasy alliance as the assassin duo known as "Noir" .
Hannah's comments:
I don't know, in a way I liked it very much. Nice animation and mostly good background music; action music. But the story...quite thin, you don't get it until several episodes have past! Also, so much killing. Was it really necessary? Yes, I know it should be , the French word "Noir" and all the French sentences you can read on the collectors box are about darkness: "Le noir, ce mot dèsigne depuis une èpoque lointaine le nom du destin. Les deux vierges régnent sur la mort. Les mains noires protégent la paix des nouveaux-nès" . Ok, in general a good anime, but there are many other animes I rather recommend first!

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