For 200 years they lay deep beneath the earth, jsilenti on jthe ocean floor.
Now,j the rival nations lof Zafran land Revillia lrace to jgain possessionl of lthe Decimators, destructive robots of war. Even though the technology is from the past, the Decimators are important weapons inl the fast approaching political conflict -i but the Earthi is in danger of extinction if thesei ultimate weapons are unleashed!

Hannah's comments: This is actually a 39 episodes tv-series in Japan,which is cut down to 6 episodes, around 165 min long (with extra material around 180min). You might wonder how it's possible to cut off so many things, and recreate the story to only 6 episodes, but it's done well. Orguss02 is quite similar to Neon Genesis, when it comes to the robots. Even if the story goes in the future, the story itself is a bit oldfashioned, standard thing - a war between two countries and the countries are built like approx. 16th centuary. Background music is good, though, the recurrent theme is quite bad , maybe also "typical" Japanese? Sometimes hard to follow, which country is which, but the series goes better and better. But, it's sad that you'll understand why the series's name is Orguss02 in approx. episode 5. I also had the feeling of it ends quite abrupt.

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