A young boy named Agito enters a forbidden sanctuary where a glowing machine resides, which preserves this young girl named Toola, who has a mission entrusted by her from the past. 300 years into the future, the Earth's enviorment has been ruined by the interference of mankind, and inbetween the 300 years, the past humans were forced into deep sleep. The Earth reaches a point where the mankind must survive, dividing people from "The Forrest" in which the the forest tries to live together in peace.

Hannah's comments: The story itself is good, it was only sometimes In the middle of it I was a bit bored. The film could have been around 5-10min. shorter. Excellent animation, especially all the high-tech stuff were nice done, full of colours. But also the forrest and the characters. Music was also very good. Sometimes a little tricky to follow the story, you need to stay alert all the time.

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