At the top of a large structure in Tokyo Bay, a scientist walks to the edge and, despite the cries of onlookers, throws himself into the sea to his death. Weeks later, the Special Vehicle Division has had little respite due to a recent rash of Labor malfunctions resulting in massive citywide destruction. No-one seems to know the cause of the malfunctions; the only hint belongs to a cover-up involving a military-class Labor going on a rampage--without a pilot. It is soon evident that a disaster of epic proportions is taking shape, and only Goto, Shinobu, and the SVD can counter it. If they succeed, they'll be heroes...but if they fail, they'll be the most hated villains in history.

Hannah's comments: The director Mamuro Oshii has becomeone of my favorite anime-directors. So I'll guess you can think what I think about Patlabor. I really like the animation, all of it, and good background music as well. As Ghost in the Shell films, I think I need to watch those two filmsonce again, or several times. Quite tricky to fully understand all of it, when you watch it the first time. Hard to say which is/are the best, the films (number 1 and 2) or the tv-series.

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