The year is 2075 AD. The dream of working and living in the vast openness of space is now a reality. However, a new threat has arisen and if left unchecked can prove fatal: Space Debris! An undetectable screw struck and disabled a passenger space flight causing disaster and death to the ones on board. A space debris collection agency is formed but, itŐs a money losing venture for the corporations. Follow the men and women of the "Half-Section" and witness the harrowing experience that is involved with such dangers.
Hannah's comments:
I think I like the anime better than the manga. Even if the anime is slow, and sometimes hard to follow in all turns, when it is on Earth,or in a spaceship etc. The manga was even harder to follow.The anime is beautiful in many ways, the views from space on Earth, all views over the landscape on Earth, the movements in a airless space. It isn't much to say about the music.Hardly none. What I didn't expect, was that the anime went more sad as the series continued. I hadn't that feeling of sadness when I read the manga. Slow, but very good sci-fi. Talk about space anime!

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