Lodoss, the accursed island. Born in the battle and baptized in fire, it has seen wars ravage its kingdoms for thousands of years. Now, an evil beyond any it has ever faced before is awakening, and a party of six are drawn together to battle for the future of everything dear to them. Among them, Parn, a young fighter who lacks experience and is driven by his desire to redeem his father's tarnished name; Deedlit, a young and naughty elf who is both attracted to the young fighter and infuriated by his lack of interest; Ghim, a grizzled dwarf warrior haunted by a personal failure; Etoh, a priest; Slayn, a skilled magic user; and Woodchuck, a cynical but good-natured thief. Six who barely know each other. Six who must learn to act with a single purpose. Six who are destined to become heroes as they encounter enemies and allies beyond their wildest imaginations. Join the quest - the war for the future of Lodoss has begun!
Hannah's comments: This series is worth watching,if you really , really like fantasy, demons and dragons. IF not, take another series I recommend instead, however, you need to spend nearly 5 hours of your time. Lots of demons,dragons,kings,fights and fantasy-persons. Sometimes it seems like you are playing a game, but only in very few seconds. It's hard to keep on track of all most involved persons - some of them have similar names. Once in a while the animation sucks; one piece of a picture is moved across a a fixed background. The best animations are all face-expressions, ESPECIALLY the eyes.

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