Could a strange recurring dream of being part of a team of alien scientists on the moon truly be real? Sensitive Japanese high school student Alice Sakaguchi doesn't really believe that, of course... until, one night, when she dreams the same dream! Now, even her eight-year-old neighbor is acting strange. Is history really doomed to repeat itself, even when that history carries over from a previous life...?
Hannah's comments: Even better than I've expected. It's a shojo series, the only one I have seen, IF, is the Fushigi Yri boxes. Thought it was bigger difference between shojo and shone...big difference (what I think) the persons are more female described and animated. Excellent animation, nice landscapes, very realistic drawing of the Earth. Strange ending, I think the last 10minutes had suite better somewhere earlier in the series, and it didn't tell if the ending was bad or good. Some sadness behind the whole story. a little sci-fi; much teleportation stuff. two big reasons you should see the series; one: short episodes, two: only around 180 min long.

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